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Setting Up a Blog on Blogger

Posted on February 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

The place I use to set up my blogs is Blogger.com. Blogger is a free service offered by Google that has thousands of free templates and designs that you can use for your blog. Before you can set up a blog you need to set up a Google email account. Google provides their Gmail service free of charge. You can set up your Gmail account simply by going to Google.com and at the top of the screen you’ll see an icon for Gmail. Once you click on the Gmail icon there will be a login on the right side of the screen and below that a button to sign up. Fill in the required information to set up your Gmail account.

Now that you have a Gmail account you will need to go to the Google homepage (you should still be logged in). If not sign in at the top right side of the screen. Go to Blogger.com this is Google’s blogging site. Once again this is a free service. Sign in with your Google email account username and password. You should be on your Dashboard page and ready to start your new blog. On the right side of the screen will be a link that says “Create A Blog”, Click on it. The first thing you will be asked is to name your blog and some verification information once your done with that click continue at the bottom of the page on the right hand side. The next step in setting up you blog is choosing a template to use. Take your time and choose the template that fits your liking.

Here’s the million dollar question. What’s your blog about? My first blog ever was just me talking about my day. I never made any money off of this blog and never really had to many readers. Your blog should be about a subject that has followers around the world that you can market. Your blog should also be something of interest to you, because if it’s not then you wont keep up with it and it will be a failure.

I hope this walk through helps you in your quest to become a better blogger and make an extra income off your blog. This is a couple paragraphs from my new eBook “The Million Dollar Walkthrought” where I walk you through setting up a blog from the very beginning clear to the final product. Be sure to check out my blog for more articles like this one along with my ebooks and video’s.