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Define an Accountability Blog

Posted on February 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

Accountability Blog is the most lucrative and the best membership site that one can ever create. As one is responsible for everything he/she does daily, an accountability blogs would helm you keep track of your day and be sure you reach your daily goals. The set up is as that of a regular membership site, the exception is that you are the only one who logs in to it. One posts their daily tasks to ensure that you complete at least four of them. You can reflect on any day of the week or month or at least a year to see how much and what you accomplished daily and overall.

You become this membership site administrator and its sole subscriber. No one can pay to log-in and there are no registration forms as you are its sole subscriber. What do you do then? You make a post in your site, then write down four things you intend to do for the day. No more, no less, just four. However, these are not the only things that you are supposed to do in the day. They are however, the four most important things you need to do in that day.

A normal day for me looks like this; email my list, write down 5 new articles, compile a how-to video, and answer all customer support questions that come in. I do not include casual tasks in this list. It is absurd to put tasks like; eat dinner, send thank you cards, wrap presents, include tasks that are work related. It is ill-advised to have two or less to do tasks on your list as this leads you to waste time. In addition, if you put too many things, say five or more, you will notice that even doing four will be a hassle.

Once you establish a routine for daily task posting, if you have a corporate associate, invite him/her to join you on the blog. Only invite people you trust as you do not want to reveal your business future plans to people who do not share in your interests. Allow access to your corporate associate and have them make the four postings too. The advantage with inviting your corporate associate is that even if they do not read daily what you are up, the possibility that they may read will keep you on track and hence complete your tasks.

Measure your advancement on the accountability blog. Review instances when you felt you did worse than expected and you would surprise yourself on what you find. If you doubt the much you accomplish in a specific day of the week, re-visit it and confirm if this intuition is true. This will help you establish a work pattern that works for you.